With about 20 actors, newcomers learning Dutch, we perform an up-to-date version of Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream". The actors and actresses... Further info
The "blue hour" is the moment just before the sun rises. There is a strange glow in the air and audible silence.  Three paintings related to dawn... Further info
Great Theatre Workshop for the Provincial Summer School in Ghent! Sophie directed "The Gilgamesh Epic" with the dramaturge Barbara and 20 motivated f... Further info
At an international congress on time travel, people from all over the world gather; they end up in absurd situations. Tijdreiscongres is a comedy suit... Further info
Ezelsbrug is an optimistic, colourful play in which the memory and personal recollections of the participants take the audience to distant, fabulous p... Further info
In this play, we start from the actors' own experiences in a well-known place: the administrative centre. Bureaucracy is a labyrinth that no one under... Further info
An art project by Celestial Mekaniks asbl based on Georges Bataille's book. In the exhibition, each picture or object represents a chapter from the b... Further info