About us

Our policy

Our socially artistic theatre projects and multidisciplinary productions bring together people from very diverse backgrounds. As a team of professional artists, we offer opportunities for migrants to develop and integrate into society. By playing theatre, they can improve their Dutch in a playful way, gain more self-confidence and step out of invisibility. For some projects, we work with migrants who were professional artists in their countries but find it difficult to show their experience and talent here.

Our vision and objectives

We stand for progressive humanitarianism and freethinking. Respect for each other, mutual understanding and warm social engagement create a magical atmosphere. We realise a connection between different social sectors such as education and culture. Thanks to the cooperation with CVOs, we attract both enthusiastic participants and spectators who have little access to culture in Flanders. For all our theatre productions and show moments, we start from a self-written text and compose our own music. At the same time, we associate ourselves with external artists to promote contemporary art.

"Let us make ships and sails adapted to the ether, and there will be a large number of people who need not fear the deserts of the void. Meanwhile, for the bold navigators of the heavens, we will make maps of the celestial bodies; I will do it for the Moon and you, Galileo, for Jupiter." 

Somnium, Kepler