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DE DODE multi-media show

The DE DODE multi-media show will blow your mind…….

Posted by Celestial Mekaniks

An arts project by Celestial Mekaniks vzw based on the book by Georges Bataille.

In the exhibition each picture or object you saw represented a chapter from the book. The pictures were not placed in any particular order, however the pages placed on the red table did follow the order of the chapters.

People were informed in advance when we would project the film.

In the cinema we screened a special 44 minute film of a reading of De Dode by three great actors. The music, soundscapes and visuals were especially created for the film.

The content of this film was highly adult in nature….+16.

We played in a fantastic venue. An old empty library from 1970.

Members of the cast did well appear in person at any time!

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