Jean-Pierre Bouchard-Rees

Multi-talented musician and professional sound engineer with decades of production experience worldwide. Lives in Ghent Belgium.

Sophie Cocheteux-Depraeter

Inspirational and original multi-disciplinary artist specialising in the dramatic arts. Lives in Ghent Belgium.

Bob De Wit

Ground-breaking software developer, IT genius and linguist. Lives in Antwerp Belgium.

Robert Leiner

Pioneering specialist in electronic music of repute with a host of record releases to his name since the 80’s. Lives in Goteborg Sweden.

Tom Opdenakker

Professional sculptor, set designer/builder and specialist in modelling materials. Lives in Ghent Belgium.

Kevin Rogierst

Electronica producer, stage technician and stage manager par excellence. Lives in Ghent Belgium.

Nikolas Tiré

Communications and logistics expert, he is the Celestial Mekaniks financial analyst. Lives in Ghent Belgium.

Barbara Van Praet

Playwright and CVO Gent languages teacher (Dutch, French & Spanish). Lives in Ghent Belgium.


Alex Andreev

Luminary. A visionary artist in the world of surrealism, his perception and sensitivity are both thrilling to the eye and energizing to the imagination. Lives in St Petersburg Russia.

Alexander Coppenolle

Without doubt one of the most sought-after lighting engineers and advanced lighting programmers in Benelux. Lives in Waregem Belgium.

Stijn Deprez

Globe-trotting video/multi-media VJ and video-mapping specialist. He lives in Ghent Belgium.

Nic Geeraert

Gifted specialist in multi-dimensional set creation, design and construction. Long term clients include Le Cirque du Soleil. Lives in Ghent Belgium.

Philippe Grand'henry

Film, theatre and tv actor aka TARMAK in Celmekia 1.1. Lives in Liege Belgium.

Sophie Jaskulsky

Theatre actress and singer aka ZOKIA in Celmekia 1.1. Lives in Brussels Belgium.

Åke Parmerud

World renowned artist in the field of multipoint acousmatic music, multi-media shows and installations. Lives in Goteborg Sweden.