"Celmeks" Lab Series I & II – Jean-Pierre Bouchard-Rees en Robert Leiner.

Nieuwste muzikale creatie van Celmeks




LAB I en LAB II . De nummers werden opgenomen in de studio van Robert Leiner in Göteborg (Zweden) en live voorgesteld op Celmekia 1.1 in ArtCube in Gent. De muziek is avant-garde, zeer alternatief en volledig geïmproviseerd!



The Lab Series releases by “celmeks” are night-time jam-sessions recorded in an ancient studio in the industrial wasteland of the old docks in Gothenburg.
J-P created a drum kit out of long-neglected bits n pieces of drums, percussion and trashed cymbals which littered the building, then Rob routed the mic channels through an awesome old ARIES modular system constantly tweaking and shaping the sounds on the fly.
We had a lot of fun……


Released January 1, 2019

Recorded, mixed and produced by
Jean-Pierre Bouchard-Rees
Robert Leiner


Our own special creative world is one of improvised sound with no preconceived ideas throughout the recording process. The end-result of our studio sessions over the recent past is impossible to categorize other than using the banner “challenging”.

J-P and Robert are celmeks


Released January 20, 2020

Recorded, mixed and produced by
Jean-Pierre Bouchard-Rees
Robert Leiner
Artwork by Richard Darby


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