Vzw Celestial Mekaniks, in coproduction with CVO GENT, bij’ De Vieze Gasten, Minardschouwburg, Life Danscenter Izegem.

A dozen migrants from all over the world are currently learning Dutch in Ghent, their new home. Some have been involved in music, theatre and dance in the past but none of them have had formal training. Now they are all eager to relate stories from their own cultures and their own personal experiences through theatre performances in Dutch. In the EZELSBRUG show audiences will travel to distant and intriguing places through the memories of the performers.

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A long term experimental music project by J-P and Robert for future live Celestial Mekaniks performances (including music for the Ezelsbrug production) and international digital releases.


Offering a different kind of environment and a special experience, Celmekia events are intriguing and exclusive cultural events designed to stimulate and connect free-thinkers.

Hosted by “Celmeks” on a goodwill visit to planet Earth, Celmekia events will feature the following: challenging art exhibitions, Celmek theatre, Celestial Mekaniks’ concerts, Celmek visuals, bamboo installations, Celestial soundscapes and guest speakers from the scientific community.

De Dode

An art exhibition inspired by "Le Mort”, the ground-breaking literary creation written by the 20th century French intellectual Georges Bataille.