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Sophie Cocheteux-Depraeter is a French director, actress and singer who graduated at the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle ( INSAS ) Brussels and moved to Flanders three years ago. As a member and co-founder of Celestial Mekaniks, she decided to create a theatre project for a group of adult foreign immigrants ( all amateur actors ) undertaking courses in the Dutch language, just like herself. With the help of a team of professional artists, she is guiding a group of a dozen Dutch language students through a period of eight months of theatre training and exercises, choreography, language and musical training.

Ezelsbrug is an optimistic and colourful show interwoven with humour, singing and music but occasionally with more serious overtones. The memory and personal experiences of the actors bring the audience to remote and mythical places, as they interpret and relate legends, folk and fairy tales from different continents….all in Dutch, the language of their recently adopted home.

Through a metaphorical journey we return to the essence of narration, to pure words as a slightly flawed reflection of a memory. What is the relevance of oral tradition ( the spoken word ) in our current technologically based society where the co-existence of people from different cultures is hindered by mutual incomprehension and thus suspicion? How can immigrants deal with a new language that reflects the collective memory of a nation about which they have very little knowledge?

Ezelsbrug is an “invitation au voyage”, a special kind of journey , enabling and even making people communicate with each other about important humanitarian subjects - or just plain ordinary everyday events - without the suspicion and distrust which seems to pervade inter-community relations in the present day .


Abdelfattah Oidi (Marokko), Alexander Londono Gomez (Colombia), Anastasia Galvita (Rusland), Angelina Balkaen (Oekraine), Chloi Makri (Griekenland), Elham Tavoosi (Iran), Enri Dalipi (Albanië), Gladys Ongeri (Kenya), John Lester Aguila (Filipijnen), Joy Llano (Filipijnen), Mihaela Moldovan (Roemenië), Yoandris Patterson (Cuba), Harold Daniels (Ghana), Mahboubeh Sedaghat (Iran)

Artistic Team

Director : Sophie Cocheteux-Depraeter
Script : Barbara Van Praet
Choreography : Davy Desloovere
Costume Design : Naiara Beistegui Idigoras
Set Design : Tom Opdenakker
Lighting : Alexander Coppenolle
Music and Sound : J-P.Bouchard-Rees & Robert Leiner


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In 2008 Sophie Cocheteux-Depraeter was nominated for the Prix de la Critique (Meilleure découverte) with “A mon grand-père. Dernier concerto en appartement pour Jean-Marie Depraeter”, an art project concerning a man who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, using the Gare de Watermael in Brussels as a living set.